Constanza Castaño​ Delanoe
Visual Artist, Lover of nature and the organic forms, has won National Fondart in the Museum National of Valdivia, made exhibitions in Barcelona, New York, Boston and San Francisco among others. 
"Still Alive" in a dream. Inspired with the experience of burning man and her work Kinesina, she develops this artwork coming alive as you move through its an interactive atmosphere.
Diego Errazuriz Guler
Pianist and composer. His music stems from improvisation and spontaneous composition. He also ventured into the documentary genre with his debut feature "The Big Picture", a documentary about the history of the Universe and our place in it. 
"Still Alive" is a unique opportunity for my music to be part of a one of a kind project. The interactive nature of the structure and the reflective surfaces that reflect light and sound enhance the experience of listening to music and experiencing this work of art. It is an honour to be part of this multidisciplinary team that will bring for the first time a Chilean work of art to the canvas of Burning Man.
Cristóbal Corral​ Jofre

Co-founder of Energía Río Claro S.A, with 15 years experience in the industry. Responsible for developing the biomass business in the company. 
Cristobal is a Civil Engineer who will be the project manager for "Still Alive". He will lead the construction team on site.
He has extensive experience in logistics in the wood recycling industry. For him, this is a great opportunity to involved with the art and other disciplines.
Diego Delanoe Garces​
Forever, one of his main creative yearnings has been to play with the viewer's perception; to get minds to experience new worlds, ideas, and expansions of consciousness.
Contributing creatively in "Still Alive has allowed him to explore those possibilities of communicating and impacting the viewer at much deeper levels, opening a multitude of possibilities that can only be measured once the installation is realized.
Cristian Romero Valente
Founded Romero Valente Arquitectos in 2014. Senior partner.
Fernando Avendaño Garcia-Huidobro
Junior partner in Romero Valente Arquitectos since 2018.
Osvaldo Peñaloza Molfino
A structural civil engineer with 22 years of experience in structural engineering, as a calculator engineer, reviewer structural and chief of discipline developing industrial projects, mining, public, residential-educational among others. In the mining area, he has experience in plants concentrators, electro obtaining and underground mining.
He is responsible for the structural integrity of the piece that was aninterest challenged due to the extream conditions of the desert.
Sebastian Leal 
Visual artist, photographer and cultural manager. He has participated in various exhibitions and residences as an artist, also developing different independent curators and cultural projects such as the co-management of Galería Casa Amalia
He is a key part of the team in transforming the initial idea of the piece to its realization
Felipe jaramillo 
Felipe has been working for 25 years in the world of digital video and audio, Friend and admirer of Kontana Kas, proud to be responsible for the audio and music of "Still Alive" and to participate in some way in Burning Man.
Certified technician of Apple, as DJ touch in Sundek, Amanda, Santo Remedio, Picnic Eletronik and DGTL Santiago (aka Pedro Valenzuela with Pedro Comparini)
Eduardo Valdes 
Mechanical engineer, specialist in electrical systems with more than 7 years of experience in installation of security systems. More than 13 years of experience as a rally driver.
The interest in lighting art and being part of burning man and being able to make this interactive machine work is the movement of  my present moment.